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Candidiasis or yeast overgrowth, affects men, women, and children alike. The people most susceptible to Candida Albicans are those with poor digestion, allergies, other diseases or illnesses; histories of long treatments of antibiotics, birth control pills, or other drugs; or those who are under excessive stress, are overtired, or overworked.

Candida Albicans is present in the human body, along with many other micro organisms. Under normal conditions there is an ecological balance. When this balance is disrupted, and an overabundance of yeast exists in the body, a multitude of minor and/or major symptoms can become apparent.

Once you know the cause of the yeast infection, it is time to focus on the treatment. In order to cure Candida Albicans, focus needs to be on the restoration of the ecological balance of friendly micro organisms within the body. This is usually done by proper treatment (naturally or with drugs), an anti-Candida diet and some life style changes.

Dr. Yeast is a strong proponent of natural treatment. That is why she will focus on the natural cure of yeast infections. She has teamed up with Laura Will, an author who has written many Candida related articles and anti-Candida recipes for you to enjoy.

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Laura Will - Yeast Infections

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July 6, 2008

Robert Hirsch @ 8:35 pm

What are the dangers to a male who has physical contact with the vagina of a female who is infected with a yeast infection? My concern is primarily about hand contact with the vaginal fluids or discharge rather than actual sexual intercourse or oral contact.

July 8, 2008

Bella @ 1:58 am


I'm a 28 yr old female diabetic on the insulin pump. I have suffered from yeast infections my whole life, but the past year its been unbearable. My blood sugar is well controlled, i don't drink, smoke, or take birth control. Since Spring of last year, I started getting the infection everytime i was about to get my period. ( i used to only get them 4x a year. It is now July 2008 and the infections come every month. they dont seem to go away. I've been on the diflucan pill once a week for one plus, plus i've taken that heavy duty one butoconazole at the same time as the pills. and nothing! I can't have sex b/c now it burns from the infection. I don't know what to do. I've been tested for all std's and all the other woman stuff and its only comes up as yeast. can you help me please?

August 2, 2008

rick nyberg @ 11:24 pm

Presently, I have a severe ear canal infection, where the
ear canal is closed. My daughter and I were talking about
it and she thought maybe that it was a yeast infections.
I have been doing antiboditic drops and steriod drops for
2 weeks and it seems like it isn't doing a thing. Do you
have any info in regards to this issue. I have searched
and searched for answers and have come up with nothing.
Thank you for your time

Thank you

Rick Nyberg

August 7, 2008

Debra Wallace @ 6:48 pm

I have a major rash on my inner thighs a lower stomach, I went to the Dr. three days ago and received antibotics and monistate and the itch is awful and they were suppose to give me itch meds. What can I do about the problem? help

November 24, 2008

Chanda @ 8:54 pm

Hello, last month right before my period, I got a yeast infection. I used Monistat, but it did not clear it up. I was prescribed Diflucon and it was affective for about a week to a week and a half. My vagina is raw, it has open cuts from scratching, and the burnings. Once again, a few days before my period, I got another yeast infection. It may also be affecting my anus if that is possible. I have had trouble with hemrroids since the first yest infection. I also have been getting it on my mouth, but have been taking Nystatin for that. I am not pregnant and do not have any type of STD's. I am married, but my husband has no symptoms. Can you think what may be causing this and what can help?

January 12, 2011

power balance @ 2:35 am

she thought maybe that it was a yeast infections.
I have been doing antiboditic drops and steriod drops for
2 weeks and it seems like it isn't doing a thing.

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